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Gene and Katie

We’re Gene and Katie Hamilton, the creators of BringBinoculars.com and we’re happy to have you join us.  We’ve been using binoculars and writing about them for as long as we can remember.  As boating and travel writers we’re authors of  Coastal Cruising Under Power (McGraw Hill) and Practical Boating Skills (Hearst Marine Books). Over the years we’ve written hundreds of magazine articles.  We’re long-time weekly syndicated columnist for Tribune Publishing writing Do It Yourself or Not about home improvements. And we’re authors of Home Improvement for Dummies© (Wiley) and Fix It and Flip It (McGraw Hill). Here is a link to all of our books on Amazon.

Over the years we’ve been honored as award winning writers and authors from Boating Writers International and the National Association of Real Estate Editors. Katie is a member of the Outdoor Writers Assn. of America.

Using binoculars on a boat helped us see a faraway navigational mark, read the name on the transom of a boat or to find a dock assignment at a marina. In a motor home we keep binocs handy to read road signs; and at RV parks, binocs help us locate our assigned pad where we can hook up and stay awhile. By car we use binoculars for everything from reading the fine print on a billboard to finding a motel room number on a poorly lit door.

Gene became interested in celestial navigation when he first used a sextant as a navigator on racing sailboats in the Great Lakes.That interest led us to stargazing and the wonders of the night sky with a telescope and joining the Delmarva Space Sciences Foundation. As much as we enjoy our telescope, we use binoculars many more times.

Binoculars are the preferred optics for many bird watchers and we attend the annual Waterfowl Festival and Delmarva Birding Weekends. We’re fortunate to live between two of our favorite birding locations, the Pickering Creek Audubon Center and Black Water Wildlife Refuge.

We use binoculars in all our travels and interests so we decided to share what we’ve learned at bringbinoculars.com. This is the third website we’ve built. The first two – Housenet.com and diyornot.com – are about home improvements.

We’d like to hear how you use binoculars, so please share your comments, suggestions and ideas with us at mail@bringbinoculars.com.

Gene and Katie Hamilton, St. Michaels MD

Gene and Katie Bringbinoculars.com