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Choosing Binoculars for Kids

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Binos for Birding

Binos for birding explains how to use binoculars with tips about adjusting and focusing them in detail. This 9-minute video is a must-see for beginning birders who are choosing binoculars for birding.  Watch it...


Get Started Stargazing

How to get started stargazing by observing the night sky from Sky at Night magazine and BBC. A good choice for stargazing is 10×50 binoculars. This 6-minute video is for anyone who wants to...


Binocular Magnification

This short video from Eagle Optics shows real life examples about different binocular magnification. Learn about how to magnify an image for the best view of an object. You’ll see how binocular magnification works...


What Is Eye Relief

Here’s a helpful 3-minute video from Eagle Optics about eye relief and binoculars. The illustration explains how and why to adjust the eye cups of binoculars for eye relief. The distance between your eyes...


Moon Phases Video

Enjoy this video from NASA illustrating in music and animation the phases of the moon. Note the small animation in the upper left corner of the video screen that shows the position of the...