Lake Ontario to Trent Severn Waterway  

Doing the Great Loop Cruise across Ontario Before we departed upstate New York we enjoyed a few days in the lakefront town of Oswego. It was a welcome respite from long hours of locks and line handling in the Erie Canal. We enjoyed taking in the sights and getting the boat ready for Canadian waters. […]

Great Loop Cruise Primer

Circumnavigating the eastern half of the U.S. and Canada For many of us boaters the ultimate cruise is doing the Great Loop Cruise circumnavigating the eastern half of the U.S. and Canada at the helm of our own boat. In 2006-07 we made the trek with other Loopers exploring small harbor towns, remote anchorages and […]

Boating the Hudson River and the Erie Canal

Cruising from Manhattan to West Point with NJ Palisades as a backdrop Rested and ready for the next leg of our Great Loop Cruise, we left the calm waters of Sandy Hook Bay to enter the fray of Ambrose Channel, with Lady Liberty standing proudly in the background. It was an emotional moment to once […]

Boating Chesapeake Bay, NJ Shore to New York Harbor

Cruising the C&D Canal, Delaware Bay to Hudson River We slipped our lines on a mild June morning, setting out from St. Michaels, Maryland, to “do the Loop.” It would be a little less than a year before we returned to this, our homeport, and in that time span, we hoped to revisit the fresh […]