Quick Binocular Test Drive  

Use binoculars to choose features best for you Binos, today’s shorthand for binoculars, are an essential on-the-go companion. Test the binos you have by using them inside and outdoors and notice the view. Keep them on hand so you can see what’s going on outside in bright sunlight and at dusk when the lighting is […]

Glossary of Binocular Words

Brush up on binocular words and jargon with this glossary of definitions unique to the world of binoculars. Here’s our list of good-to-know binocular words. APERTURE is defined as theamount of light gathering ability of binocular lens.  It is the size of the objective lens of binoculars. BARREL is a type of binocular with one […]

Choosing binoculars for stargazing

What to consider and look for in “Jumbo” binoculars Astronomy binoculars for gazing at the night sky are a specialty optic, often a first step for budding amateur astronomers who don’t want to commit to investing in the cost and time required to learn how to operate a telescope. They jokingly say two eyes (lens) […]

Traveling with Binoculars

Bring binoculars if you’re planning a trip and open new vistas and engage your curiosity to what’s beyond your vision. Binoculars are a travel accessory you’ll use time and again, but only if you remember to bring them. If you own binoculars: TIP: Don’t lend your binoculars to someone unless you want to readjust the […]

Choosing Kids’ Binoculars

Helpful advice selecting and buying binoculars for young observers  If you’re traveling with kids or just going for a walk in the park, looking through a pair of binoculars with an ergonomic design for younger children’s small hands and faces can be a great eye-opening experience.  A pair of colorful, durable compact binoculars designed for […]

How to choose compact binos 

Need-to-know info about how binoculars work Learn about the focusing system, magnification and field of view for your binoculars for the best viewing experience. Begin with the center focus knob. Most binoculars have a center focus system that move both eyepieces together. We humans have some variation in sight between the right and left eye. […]