Traveling with Binoculars

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Bring binoculars if you’re planning a trip and open new vistas and engage your curiosity to what’s beyond your vision. Binoculars are a travel accessory you’ll use time and again, but only if you remember to bring them.

Major Parts of Binoculars

If you own binoculars:

  • Use a dry lint-free cloth to wipe away any dust on the eyepieces and lens.
  • Adjust the strap so it hangs comfortably around your neck.
  • Adjust the eyepieces by squeezing and spreading the barrels to fit the width of your eyes.
  • To focus close your right eye and focus. Then close your left eye and open your right eye. Turn the diopter focus wheel on the right eyepiece to correct any differences in your eyes.

TIP: Don’t lend your binoculars to someone unless you want to readjust the eyepieces and diopter adjustment. No two sets of eyes are the same.

If you’re choosing binoculars for traveling, here are features to consider:

  • The first number is their zoom power or magnification. The second number is the diameter of the lens. For example, 8×42 means the binoculars have 8 times magnification and 42 mm lens.
  • Consider their physical size and weight. They should be comfortable hanging around your neck and lightweight to carry and pack.
  • Get your hands on different types of binoculars at a photography or outdoor retail store where you can get a feel for their size and weight and viewing power and ask questions. 
  • Choose binoculars you can afford.
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Gene and Katie
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Where have you traveled with binoculars?

Please tell us how and where you use binoculars.

2 Responses

  1. Zeke Lambert says:

    Katie and Gene, I love the idea of using binoculars. I sent a pair to our daughters in Colorado and Virginia. Our VA family just returned from the OB but didn’t mention the binoculars and we fly to Colorado next week to hang out with our 13 year old grandson for two weeks while his older brother Henry is driven back this way to attend Marquette. I will check to see if the binoculars are going to Milwaukee or staying in Ft. Collins. So, I have never used binoculars until yesterday at the bird sanctuary at Montrose Harbor across the drive from us. I learned two things… I will return in early morning and I will read up a little on how to focus

    • Katie says:

      Hey, great to hear from you. We’ve been hooked on using binos for a long time.
      Let us know if you have any questions.
      Katie nd Gene

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