Binos for Birding

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Binos for birding explains how to use binoculars with tips about adjusting and focusing them in detail.

This 9-minute video is a must-see for beginning birders who are choosing binoculars for birding.  Watch it and you’ll learn about the sizes of field glasses and what’s good for viewing birds.  This is a consumer’s report on the basics you need to know to make the right decision to find binoculars and how to use them.

The good advice comes from the Roots School in New England and helps you get started. You’ll learn about what the numbers on binoculars mean like the difference between binocs that are 8×32 compared with 8×42. What’s the importance of magnification and the field of view? You’ll learn how to adjust binoculars for your best viewing experience.

Watch this video more than once and you’re sure to know what you want so you choose binoculars that you’ll enjoy using for birding for years to come.

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Gene and Katie

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