What Is Eye Relief

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  1. Bill Nilsen says:

    I wonder if anyone here has found a way of coping with lower back pain while standing and looking through their binoculars. I cannot look for more than a few minutes before I have to put my arms down and rest my back.

    • Katie says:

      Hi Bill,
      Sorry I missed seeing your comment. I feel your pain and I have balance issues so I can’t stand for long either. I use a lawn chair with my binocs on a tripod and that seems to help. Also if there’s a table or picnic table where I’m viewing I put my elbows on the table and hold the binocs and that helps. If we’re at a star party I use 10×50 on a small tripod on a table or we have a parallelogram I can use while sitting on a chair. Here’s a link that describes a parallelogram in case you’re interested. The article Binocular Accessories in in the Stargazing section. https://www.bringbinoculars.com/using-binocs/binocular-accessories
      So nice to hear from you. Katie

  2. elenrose says:

    Hi, are eye relief matters when we buy binoculars? I want to buy good binoculars for my next hiking trip please guide me to the right direction.

    • Gene says:

      Eye Relief is the distance you can move your eyes from the binoculars eyepieces. The larger the eye relied the farther away from the eyepiece and still focus the binoculars. This number is important if you wear classes. The larger the eye relief the easier it is to use the binoculars with glasses and see a sharp full view.

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